Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Johor Bahru Day Trip - City Square Mall

Do you feel that you are so sick of Singapore sometimes? Like don't know what to do around here? If you are feeling this way, you can always cross the causeway to our neighbouring country - Malaysia JB. It is so convenient to go to JB. You can take public buses, taxis or drive there.

Rather recently, Robin and I went on a movie date at City Square in JB. I love watching movies there. The cinema is comfortable and the price is cheap! Much cheaper than in Singapore anyway. If you dearies are free, you can always plan a movie marathon there. By the way, City Square is currently under going renovation. Not sure when it will finish. Will probably go there and shop when it has finished its renovation. Haha.

Saw this rather authentic Char Chan Ting there and decided to try it. Not bad.

I tried the Si Wa Nai Cha. Haha. 

These fried cheese chicken wings are too cheesy to my liking. 

Even the popcorn set is cheap. Can't remember the exact price but it is definitely less than that in Singapore.

Here are the movies we watched. Nice =) 


robin said...

Always enjoying fun activities with my lovely dear =)

elderflowertea said...

@robin: Yay! =)