Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are teachers overworked?

Read through all the comments/posts. I know that teaching is a stressful career but didn't know that teachers are so overworked and stressed up. Alamak. What is the MOE doing? Actually, I don't know why teachers have to do all the admin work, etc. The schools cannot employ admin staff to do all those admin work meh? What the.. =.=

However, I still see many current school teachers teaching tuition, etc. Since a lot of teachers complained about their heavy workload, how do they have the time to teach tuition? Hm.. Then I saw this comment/post below.

Quoted from one of the comments/posts in the forum:

"My advice to teachers. Take the D and earn cash outside. Don’t depend on the PB and leverage on a second income. You will be pissed initially but then you’ll be happy because the control doesn’t work on you as you are NOT IDENTIFIED with their cunning way of getting you to be a hypocritical and pretentious money luster. It takes courage to have a work-life balance in MOE schools but it’s courage that is worth investing it for a healthier you. Don’t worry about labels. You spent more time seeing the kids than your HOds or Ps. The kids are a better judge of your performance. Keep your conscience clear."

Guess many such teachers just take a D for their appraisals and simply just teach and forgo their performance bonuses? Anyway, teachers can charge a high price for tuition. Ah yoh. These are the smart teachers! Also, I must salute them for being able to withstand the stress and pressure from their HODs, VPs, Ps, etc.. and just keep getting Ds! It really takes courage to stand up for oneself.

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