Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Many things to update. Had a busy weekend. Will continue to be pretty busy for the rest of the week. Oh well~ I haven't uploaded my Batam photos leh =( Neither have I blogged about it =( =( It's old news already lor. Boo~

So anyway, let me just briefly update about the last weekend. Went for the (branded) bag sale with Jasmin and Verlene at M Hotel on Sat. The sale was okie only. Didn't really find any good bargain so didn't buy anything. Jasmin said that the price is almost similar to the retail price during the GSS. Hm.. perhaps?? Nothing really catches my eye anyway. But then also good. Can save $$. Haha~

After that, went shopping for awhile at Orchard. Then I went off to find Robin. Ah yoh~ Was damn pissed coz he made me wait. Argh~!! I HATE waiting for people. Think I have been pretty punctual recently. Seemed like I kept waiting for people recently. Gee~

Had KOI bubble tea at Marine Parade there. The milk tea there is definitely better than the KOI cafe (it's actually coffee and it tastes horrible). Again, there was a long queue. Machiam like seeing doctor okie, with the queue number and everything =.= Don't know why there are so many people, it's quite expensive!

After getting the bubble tea, we took a cab to the East Coast Hawker to eat nice seafood. Yummy!! =) Love the stingray, satay and lala. Robin had his fav gonggong. Haha~ By the way, kids are really annoying. Saw these 2 annoying kids who share table with us. Ah yoh, I think the grandparents also =.=, trying to get them to have their dinner properly. Anyway, we ate quickly and got out. Damn sianz sitting at the same table with them and seeing their tantrums. Haiz~

Saw some people doing water sports. Quite cool. Perhaps Desmond can go try there since he didn't get to cable ski in Batam. Am not sure if the one at ECP is called cable ski (and am lazy to google it now. Oops =P). Then we walked all the way to McDonald's. Far lor, but good lah. Can digest our food. Played some games at PrizeStation. Saw Desmond and Jasmin when we were about to go home. Haha~ So qiao. Then they also went to PrizeStation to play games. We accompanied them for awhile and went back after Desmond got his jackpot. Lolx~ Got one auntie beside him, she's damn pro man. Kept getting jackpot. Really good!

Met Robin on Sunday at 7:30am. We were going to participate in The New Paper Big Walk. The walk is okie, it's shorter than I expected. Didn't really sweat much. Anyway, the weather is cooling also. It practically rained the whole day after the walk. Heng, they gave us free umbrella inside the goodie bag. Haha~ How smart of them =)

Accompanied Robin back to his workplace to settle something after that. Ah yoh. He said very fast but it took so long. Waited for him for almost one hour. Haiz~ Was pissed at him again.. Okie, don't say anymore regarding this.

After that, we went to watch Ip Man (paiseh, can't remember the full title, something about legend.. the legend of Ip Man??) As Robin booked the 5:15pm show, we have plenty of time so we went to shop around. Then I suggested going to Singtel to take a look at the iPhones and eventually bought one. Haha~ I shall stop being such a shopaholic. By the way, I still can't check Cathay timings nor book for any Cathay movie online using my laptop. Strange hor? Everyone else seems can. Just now, I've tested.. Can use iPhone to check. Don't know what's wrong with my laptop. Just can't suddenly one fine day. Also didn't do anything lor..

Okies, nights... ~~

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