Monday, July 26, 2010

Just came back from Jay Chou's 2010 Era Concert. It was amazing =) Jay Chou was a bit sao siah (no voice). Haha~ Understandable since this is his 3rd concert performance 3 days in a row. Of course, he'll be tired and no voice. Poor thing~ Nonetheless, it is still a GREAT concert with all the visual effects. Technology really amazes me sometimes. It would have been perfect if there are no irritating guys sitting behind me. Kept hitting my head with the... (dunno what is it called.. something like those long sticks people hold for concerts, use to cheer?). And 宝哥哥 didn't even help or protect me lor. (He could have put his hand on my head and not my shoulder?) Am pissed with him.. again...

Didn't manage to take many photos as the lighting was not really suitable for me to take photos. For those who are interested, you can buy his concert VCD/DVD when it's out.

I wanna buy this cap but it's sold out. Wow, long queue for his merchandise. He (or the appointed merchandiser) must be rich!!

In any case, for those who are interested to purchase any of his merchandise, you may go to this website:

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