Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear all,

By right, I should be blogging about my Batam trip in this post but there's something more important which I need to blog about.

Today I got CHEATED by Mary Chia!!!

I have a $3 promotion (from Singtel) for eyebrow trimming which I can use at Mary Chia. They didn't write any terms and conditions apply whatsoever. So today, I went for the eyebrow trimming at Jurong Point Mary Chia. Who knows, the branch manager told me that in order to utilize the $3 promotion, I need to do an eye therapy. WTH lor. So I asked her, it's not written on the voucher. She said if I had asked her, she would tell me. Like so F*** lor. How on earth would I know that I have to ask her when it's not written on the thing?

At first, Jeanette wanted to see whether the eyebrow trimming is nice or not then she wanna do but now.. because of the attitude, she doesn't want to do anymore. Haiz~ What a pity. The eyebrow trimming is actually quite nice but NOT the branch manager. Don't know how come she is a manager? =.=

So everyone, just fyi. I shall boycott Mary Chia from now on!! Anyway, I paid $16.05 for the eyebrow trimming. I rather go somewhere else to let them earn my money. Somewhere more worthwhile.

PS: I wonder what happened if I die die just refuse to pay? Police case? Hm..

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