Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am suddenly such a conscientious blogger. Haha~ Anyway, celebrated Verlene's birthday with her last Saturday. At first, we wanted to go to tgif but that place is sickening! When I called to make a reservation, they told me reservation closed but they do entertain walk-ins. However, when we were there (walking in), the person told us that there is no table at the moment and asked us to leave our contact number and they'll give us a call if they have seats later. We asked roughly how long does it take but they said they are unable to tell us. WTH okie?!! They want us to wait infinitely? So we decided to just go to Waraku upstairs. Anyway, after we have finished our dinner at Waraku, no one from tgif called us. Stupid service! Boo!!

Happy Birthday gal =) Wanted to surprise her but I think she isn't that surprised. Maybe she more or less guessed what we were trying to do?

Group photo =)

Present for the birthday gal! Haha~ Hope you like it yeah?

After dinner, Yoyo drove us to Dempsey Hill for dessert. We went to the big Ben and Jerry's there. Boy, it was crowded. But overall, it was an enjoyable day =)

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