Friday, January 1, 2010

Haven't done a reflection on 2009 yet. Will do so soon. Am swarm by many things to do and messages to reply, etc... I really need some solitude time to do the reflection. Hopefully, it will be soon and that I will have a clear mind to think properly and not be tired and hazy.

PS: Let me just list a few things about 2009 down. If not, I doubt that I'll have the time to go back to them.

1. Guess where is this place?

2. My company's DND was quite fun. The theme is Sloppy VS Flashy and I've got the Sloppy theme. (OMG, I don't even remember whether I've mentioned this before! But seems like didn't leh.) My TL, Deming is so on lor. Haha~ Took part in so many games/activities. And I saw the DM, Willy dance. Got many great dancers around. Haha~ It's cool =) And Leah looks really cute that day.

3. Countdown to Christmas with Verlene, Sammie boy, Alan and Yoyo at Minds Cafe. It was fun. Took part in Sammie boy's family's Christmas present exchange. I wish that my family will have Christmas present exchange. That would be fun!

4. Went to watch Sherlock Homes with Robin at Vivocity on Christmas Day. GV Gold Class theatre is really very nice and cool. The service is fantastic too!! (As you all know, I rant more than I rave so when I rave about something, it means that it's really good!)

5. Played Mahjong on 26th Dec. Won $2.10. My first time playing Mahjong using money. It was a nice experience. I love Mahjong! Haha~

That's about all the significant events that I haven't blogged about. And I like all my Christmas presents! xD Thanks everyone =)

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