Sunday, October 11, 2009

On Friday, I went for dinner with my colleagues at Bedok interchange there. Had zi char. The food is not bad, I like the toufu and the company is great. We had a great chat. It's cool lah, we can motivate each other to work hard. Like what Sheila said.. Internally, if you can have great colleagues and superior, work is pretty much more fun.

Yesterday, went drinking with Verlene and Sammie boy. At first, we went to Lunar Bar. OMG! I don't like that place. The service sucks. I shall boycott that place. They have rude waitresses. So after we finished our welcome drink (which doesn't taste great as well), we decided to go somewhere else to chill instead. We went to Marrakesh. It's a Moroccan lounge and bar. Quite cool and we looked so local there with all the Indians and Caucasians. Haha~

Jeffery came and fetched me home after that, which I'm thankful for. Thanks dear =)

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