Monday, October 5, 2009


My blood is really boiling. Someone told me that he thinks that clubbing = flirting. When I (or any gal) go clubbing, we go there to flirt, to be touched by guys. WTH~!! That sounds so cheap and it's damn insulting lah. Not only insulting the gals but he's also insulting the guys. There may be decent guys who just go there to dance or accompany friends. Then do they deserve to be treated like some perverts? WTH! I feel indignant for all clubbers. They/we DO NOT deserve to be insulted! Those who do not respect others, they do not deserve to be respected! That person can really go and f off. It makes my blood literally boiling! And now I'm feeling chest/heart pain. I think really too mad. Hope I don't have heart attack...

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