Monday, October 5, 2009

Adding on to the earlier post, some people are a pain in the ass but they don't realise it. Some people are a pain in the ass, other people tell them, they know it but don't want to leave other people alone. Want to continue to be such a pain. I really hate such people.

I feel sorry for myself.. really. Coz I feel so stressed by such a pain in the ass person that I actually thought of suicide. Okie, that's bad and it's a scary thought. But I was just wondering.. Is this the only way to be rid of such a person/stress/pressure? Is that the only way I can find peace.. probably eternal peace? But.. Life is too precious to just die like that. It's like so wasted. Not even meaningful.

Haiz~ Really don't know why some people can drive other people to their grave. So bad! Or do I actually have a low tolerance? Like that I better not have kids coz I think will kenna qi si! Ah yoh~ I'm still feeling very stress that I broke down and cried. Haiz~ I wish to be a strong person who won't be affected by all these jerks. I wish to get away from here, from everyone and everything and just experience a new life by myself. Maybe one day, I shall go on a holiday by myself. Would that be fun? Anyway, life is too short to have so many regrets. I should just do what I want and enjoy my life the way I want it. What right has anyone got to actually tell me how I should lead my life and tell me what I can do or what I cannot do? I shall just do as I please now.. I DO NOT care!

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