Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nowadays, even when I go to sleep I also feel stress making me cannot sleep now. Even my Mum has given up asking me to sleep early, why can't you just give up too? This is my life, I'm responsible for myself. Even if I fall sick, it's also my own business. I don't need another person to control my life and tell me what to do! I just want to do what I like. Why are you trying to change me? I always hate it when people say that they are telling me what to do for my own good. Why can't they just trust me enough to let me decide what's the best for myself? I'm not a 3 year old kid, so stop treating me like one!

Ah yoh~ I realise I feel stress easily and I love myself too much that I want lots of personal space. I don't want to be/feel controlled lah~ pouts~ I want to determine my things by myself. You can give me ideas and suggestions but please don't force it upon me to take them.

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