Monday, March 16, 2009

Attention: This is going to be a long post. Haha~ I'm so good at crapping and coming up with words man. Hee~ =P I love blogging! It's a good way for me to reminisce next time.

Supposed to be paying attention to my macro lecture but.. the lecture is damn boring lah! And chim. Gee~ I really hate macro lor. Why is it a compulsory module? Damn disgusting lor =( And full of math and calculations. Hm.. think I prefer words, not numbers and formula and those weird weird symbols which I will never use in real life. Haha~ I actually prefer math to macro. At least math makes more sense.

Anyway, let update you people from 13/3. Haven't been blogging in awhile. Hee. Paiseh lah, been busy lately. One good news: I've got an A for my EC3371 essay! Karmun also. I think many people got A or B leh, maybe the tutor is too lenient. Haha~ That's good lah. But my EC3371 presentation hasn't gone that well, couldn't answer the questions the tutor asked. OMG! I can't even fully comprehend his questions lah. When he asked, I got this huh? in my mind. Karmun tried to answer but.. also like not what he wanted. In the end, he said never mind and asked us to continue. =.= Haiz~ And I did not do well for my EC2374 quiz =( Sad-ded~

My BSP1005 test is okie bah, I think. Wasn't that sure with some of the answers so I tikam. Hee~ Someone used a pen to shade the OAS before realising that he should use pencil so he requested for a new OAS. The BSP1005 prof is quite bad leh, she made fun of him. What the.. I mean, what's wrong with making a mistake? Need to make fun meh? =.= Alamak~ Quite scared of her leh.

After the test, met up with Jeffery. Then we went to the dentist. Wah lau, so sad can. I need to do wisdom tooth extraction/surgery. Eeyer~ I don't want lor. So painful and expensive. And I paid $50 for the dental visit, which I still find so bo hua. That's why I'm ranting now. Wasted my money only and the dentist didn't even do anything much! Gave me some medicine which I think I don't really need. Pek chek ah~ And because of this, I've got to miss the Cleo Bachelor's party.

14/3~ Happy Birthday Ah yi! Hope that you have a good birthday =) Supposed to have lunch with Jeffery before heading to Bugis to engrave our necklaces then to Jieying's chalet. But somehow, I woke up late. Anyway, by the time Jeffery reached my house, it was like around 2:30pm (I think, a bit forget). Then we wasted some time at my house. And that Jeffery is so clumsy lah, he dirtied his pants so we have to go to his house to change =P By then it was already almost 5pm. Don't ask me what we have done, time just zoom by without us realising it. Later we stopped by comics connection at Causeway Point. I bought Jeffery a comic, that was my first physical present to him. Haha~ Then we head over to his house where we continue to waste more time. Don't know leh, time seems to pass by so fast nowadays. Eileen called to ask me where I was. Oops~ Paiseh, still at his house. In the end, we were so late that we took a cab down. Think we reached at around 9pm? Am starving by then. Paiseh lah, I'm so bad. I go to BBQ just to eat not to cook.

I want to thank Min Hui and company! They got a surprise for me! So we celebrated mine and Eileen's birthday (and also Eileen's friend, Jake, and Jieying's sister). And I love my present from them. A bikini. Haha~ Yay! But it's not the shorts kind, so a bit paiseh to wear leh =/ *blush* The chalet is so expensive lah, $33 per person. Haiz~ But it was fun and enjoyable. Went to the Ehub Cathay to watch Dragonball. The movie is not bad although Jeffery said it's different from the original one. I don't know leh, never seen the original one nor read the comic before. Managed to see a bit of sunrise but the price is.. many mosquitoes bites. I would really love the person who can make mosquitoes and cockroaches extinct!

Was totally shagged by 15/3 Sunday. Took a bus to Bugis to engrave our necklaces but the person who does engraving isn't there. =.=~ And I thought I saw Saliah. Not thought, is quite confirmed but somehow, after not contacting for so long, I find it a bit weird to call out to her. Besides, I looked so chui then so.. Oh well~ A bit regret now though. Maybe next time go with Diana to look for her. By the way. I will post up the photos someday.. one day. Haven't uploaded the photos yet.

When I reached home on Sunday, I just slept and slept and slept. Woke up at around 8:30pm. Felt so sleepy lah. Clarence told me to call him and we had a chat. Didn't expect to chat so much with him. At first he just wanna tell me something about work but somehow we OT (yay, I'm a pro at OT-ing) to other things. He said that he's looking for a partner whom he can marry and not play play. Wah.. Cannot tell leh, suddenly I find that the guys are all so serious. Oops~ I used to think that guys like to flirt! Haha~ Clarence said he wouldn't want/wish that his gf go to the Cleo Bachelor Party also. He said he would feel insecured. Ah yoh~ How come? Should trust your gf and have more confidence in yourself mah. Anyway, gained some insightful thoughts from him. Okie, got to go now. The blog post is so long liao so.. I will blog again another time =)

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