Monday, March 9, 2009

Let me blog about 7/3 incident. Sorry, I will put in more photos later coz I wanna do a collage so that the photos don't take up too much space in the blog. I will do it after I've finished my EC3371 assignment and after my BSP1005 mid-term test. Haiz~ I really wanna sigh lor. Think I will die for my EC3371 assignment and the BSP1005 test. By the way, one more staff died in NTU and another student died in NUS. OMG!! Why are so many people dying? Haiz~ Sad man. Maybe one day I will die too hor? Hee~ Btw, I feel that I might be growing a wisdom tooth or something. My gum feels uncomfortable. Sianz~ I probably need to see a dentist. Where got time?

Anyway, let's move on to the happier stuff! On 7/3, my family and I celebrated my grandma's birthday at the Singapore Island Country Club. Hee~ Shun bian celebrate my birthday too. And I got angbaos! Yay! Haha~ The lunch was a good one =) Edward put on braces. So vain lor. And he's so smart lah. He got a scholarship. Why are my cousins so smart? Very stress one leh!

My Grandma and her Grandchildren. Missing from the photo: Sophie Lee

After lunch, Mummy and I went to Suntec to look at the handphones in the Singtel fair. I wanna change my phone! I wanna get the Samsung F480 (hope I got the model correct) phone in pink. Haha~ But the person told us that the fair is for corporate customers only, not for personal consumers. What the.. Waste our time going all the way down there lor.

After that, I was supposed to meet Jiamin and Jacky at Suntec to go to Onyee's house for the BBQ. Surprisingly, Jiamin was on time leh! But that Jacky was late lor. So we have to wait for him. Then I went to buy a top from Iora while waiting for him. When he finally arrived, we took a cab to Onyee's house.

At Onyee's house, we played Mahjong. Wah.. I am really not pro man! Only managed to hu once. =.=" We played min 3 tai. Difficult leh. But it was fun. Yay! I love Mahjong! Before going down for the BBQ, Onyee took out a cake and celebrated my birthday for me. It was kind of a surprise. Actually, I was quite surprised to see Weiling turning up since Onyee told me that this is an NP gathering. Hee~ Thanks everyone =) Especially Onyee and Jiamin for organising this, so nice of you gals =)

Poly friends (except Weiling - NUS). Missing: Lixiang, Bao Chuan, Rachel and Karmun - NUS

Thanks Jiamin dear for the flowers! They look nice, and I love flowers. Heehee xD

BBQ was great. Ate quite a lot. The Bee Hoon by Weiling's father is delicious. Haha~ Had 2 plates of that xD. Then we chatted about the past, the good old poly days. I really miss the poly days =) Derek seemed so blur and lost. I think he isn't from NP. He's probably from NYP. Don't know what he's doing there leh. Lolx~ =P Oh yeah, must really thank Onyee's parents for being so helpful and nice. Thank you Uncle and Auntie!

Met up with Jeffery near my house after the BBQ. Was rather exhausted already but we still had a pretty good time. Time flies though.

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