Saturday, December 12, 2015

Harris Hotel Batam Centre

Robin and I went to Batam again. This time round, it was to celebrate Robin's birthday. We took the Batam Fast ferry. It's only a 45 min ferry ride from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal. We stayed one night in Harris Hotel Batam Centre which is located very near to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal.

The room is pretty clean. I like. I cannot stand dirty rooms.

Nice view from the room.

I like the cinema at Mega Mall Batam Centre. The cinema looks new and the movie ticket price is cheap! I can't remember the exact price now.

Huge bucket of popcorn.

After watching a movie, we went to the Hypermart to buy things. Then we headed back to the hotel to put down our purchases. Had dinner at the hotel.

Birthday cake for Robin. I ordered it from the hotel. Before I booked the hotel room, I actually ordered for the cake to be delivered to the hotel room. I tried to make a call to the reception while Robin was in the toilet for the cake to be brought up but I was put on hold for so long then Robin already came out of the toilet. Then I arranged for the cake to be brought up later. However, since we ate dinner at the restaurant, I went over to the reception after dinner to see if I can just pick up the cake but they took some time to bring the cake out and more time to find a box for the cake. Totally spoilt my surprise. Can't they learn from Montigo Resorts?

Happy Birthday!!!

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