Thursday, December 31, 2015

Maldives Trip Part 3

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The next day, Robin and I had our breakfast at Beachwood Hotel before going back to the room to pack our stuff and check out.

Here's our food:

After we checked out from Beachwood Hotel, the staff helped us to bring our luggages to Kaani Village & Spa Hotel ( I prefer Kaani Village & Spa Hotel to Beachwood Hotel. It seemed like there are more guests staying in Kaani than Beachwood. Our room in Kaani is bigger. Kaani is also located nearer to the beach area. However, the wifi at Beachwood is better than Kaani. There is no wifi signal in our room at Kaani. Needed to go outside our room to use the wifi. Even so, it took so long to load webpages and the wifi was not very stable.

The swimming pool looks so nice :)

 My pizza. It's nice! But it was too much for me. Robin and I should just share one pizza.

Robin's rice.

After lunch, we went back to our room, rest for awhile, watched TV before going for our night fishing trip. 

On our way to the night fishing location!

 See the nice blue sea.

  The clear blue sky.

Water bungalows. I like!

I caught 3 fishes (with help) while Robin caught none. Actually, I find it really cruel to fish :(

Our dinner.

Breakfast at Kaani the next morning. Buffet breakfast although the variety was not great.

After breakfast, we went back to our room where I watched 3 movies on TV and Robin slept. He was not feeling too well. The weather was really very hot outside. We went out in the late afternoon. Went back to Beachwood Hotel to collect our speedboat ticket and to explore around the  island. We even bought some souvenirs. The souvenirs are expensive. Cost USD50 in total. 

Had our lunch here.

The beach area.

Bought speedboat tickets to go to the airport on the day of our departure. It only cost USD20 per ticket. We got it through Beachwood Hotel.

On our way to the airport. We shared the speedboat with another family of 6 (4 adults and 2 children). I think that next time can try to find people to share a speedboat instead of taking the public ferry.

We reached the airport pretty fast. Took us around 20-30 minutes. 

 My lunch in the airport. Robin had spaghetti.

 Bought the Sugar lip treatment for Diana and the OPI nail polish for Lia. She's my secret santa for my office Christmas exchange. I like it so much that I bought another set for myself.

Had dinner at Swensen's in Changi Airport before going home. 

There are people asking me how much did I/we spend for the whole trip. Here's our expenses:

Plane tickets: around SGD800
Hotel room (Beachwood Hotel): USD210 (which is SGD303.37 on my credit card statement)
Hotel room (Kaani Hotel): USD234.08 (which is SGD338.16 on my credit card statement)
Meals which I have signed on my credit card: SGD56.78
Snorkeling Trips: USD160 (USD80 per person)
Night fishing: USD90 (USD45 per person)
Speedboat tickets: USD40 (USD20 per person)
Souvenirs: USD50 (plus some more at the airport which I can't remember how much now)

Anyway, I brought around USD500 plus in cash and left around USD100. So our total expenses worked out to about SGD2,422.31 for both of us. Not too bad right for a trip to Maldvies right? We went for a 5 days 4 nights trip.

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