Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Part 4

Last part of my Legoland trip! Continue from

After taking the photos, we went to queue to sit on the choo choo train. Haha. There was quite a long queue.

If you all have the time, do go and watch the performance. It's quite a comical one.

 This lady is good. She doesn't have a safety harness. Remarkable!

 Welcome to the Boating School.

We are off in a boat.

 There's also the driving school. However, it's for kids only =(

 Shopping time!! But the things inside are all so expensive. Really can't bear to buy any souvenir. However, Robin bought a landyard. It cost RM14.90 (if I remember correctly). 

 Giddy ride. Woo~

 Saw this outside the entrance toilet. Hee~

Got to eat our dinner before going back to Singapore. Decided to try out this small cafe opposite Legoland.

 My tomyam soup =)

 I love the white coffee which I bought here. Think it's called Penang white coffee or something like that. Although it's sweet, but I like!

After dinner and shopping for some local products, we took the WTS coach back to Singapore. Our coach was supposed to be at 8pm but we managed to take the 7:30pm coach back. Oh yeah, I wanna rant. The coach driver was so inflexible. Told him to drop us off somewhere, he said rudely that he could not. Hm.. I thought coach drivers always allow passengers to drop off somewhere along the way back. Singapore Flyer is so ulu!! In the end, we went back from Tuas checkpoint ourselves. Waste money. Anyway, next time I won't take the WTS coach. Will just take this: Heard from Onyee that it's not bad.

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