Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No jail for Makiyo

Just read this from the Internet:

TAIPEI: Neither Taiwan singer-actress Makiyo nor her male Japanese friend Takateru Tomoyori will be going to jail for their drunken attack on 55-year-old cabby Lin Yu Jun in February, reported Taiwan media.

The judge presiding over the pair's cabby assault case took into account the prosecution's recommendation for probation, and on Thursday sentenced Makiyo to ten months in jail with three year's probation.

Tomoyori was sentenced to one year in jail with four year's probation.

This means as long as they stay out of trouble for the next few years, Makiyo and Tomoyori won't have to see the insides of a jail cell.

The judge also found that the charges against the two had to be amended from causing grievous hurt to causing hurt, as their attack on Lin did not result in him suffering from any permanent injuries, and he is recovering well from the incident.

Makiyo and Tomoyori had previously agreed to settle the case with Lin by paying him NT$3 million (S$128,000).

In light of the settlement, prosecutors revised the penalties they sought for Makiyo and Tomoyori, and recommended that their sentences be commuted to probation.

Still, Makiyo's troubles are far from over.

The star, who hails from Japan, will now have to find work elsewhere, as her Taiwan work permit had been revoked due to her involvement in the cabby assault case.

With her work permit voided, Makiyo will not be able to work in Taiwan for the next three years and must leave Taiwan soon.

Makiyo's sister later revealed that the star intends to return to Japan for the time being, and may try to find work in China later on.

She added that Makiyo, who has since given up drinking, had no choice but to continue working in showbiz to pay for their cancer-stricken mother's medical bills, as well as fulfil the remainder of her contract with her management agency.


Don't really understand this. Thought the article said that she has a jail term? Whatever lah. It will be good if everything is settled =)

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