Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Post

Just read this post: Very interesting. Do go and read and start thinking about issues in Singapore. Personally for me, I don't like the huge influx of foreigners/PRs. It is getting so crowded in Singapore. Overcrowded, I would say. Also, I just heard/read that it is not easy for Singaporeans to find a job in Singapore. Hope that there will be a decrease in recruiting foreign talent (especially those PMETs). Lastly, I don't find it good that the "top 20% income earners, companies, and non-Singaporeans pay 84% of the total taxes in Singapore..." This just shows that there's a great disparity in income between the top income earners and middle and low income earners. Perhaps more can be done to close up this income gap. Maybe we need to look at the minimum wage issue again.

All in all, I just feel that it is very stressful living and working in Singapore. Working for money and survival is no easy joke. Damn tiring. Okie, am very sleepy already. Nights all =)

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