Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By the way, I really wanna write about this first. Damn buay song lor. Diana bought a bag from KL Isetan at a 70% discount. The discount is supposed to be for Isetan members only but the cashier charged her wrongly. So she got a bargain. Later I also got a t-shirt from Isetan. The cashier also charged me wrongly, gave me a 70% discount. Diana go open her big mouth and asked.. "Eh, I thought there's no discount?"

Wah lau.. Then the cashier checked with the staff and I got no discount lor coz the system has some error. Not fair lor. When she got the discount, I didn't give her away now she gave me away. Why don't she just shut up? Haiz~ maybe I cannot go hol with friends?

Then she always want me to 让她 lor. I wanna sit outside and have breakfast and enjoy the nice pool view but she insisted to sit inside. Whatever lor, so we sat inside. Like where she wanna go and/or eat, I will 随便 lor but sometimes she's really 大小姐. Kept insisting her way. Headache ah!!

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