Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami.

The official death toll following Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami has topped 1,200, but one police official has been quoted as saying that it could end up passing 10,000.

An estimated 2 million homes in Japan’s north are said to be without power as the temperature there plunges. About 1.4 million are currently without running water, according to Reuters. Here in Tokyo, supermarkets started to run low on fresh produce like eggs, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables, but most stores appeared to still be open as normal, as were many cafes and restaurants.

Quite sad to know this.. This makes me wonder.. We are considered lucky to be in Singapore. To be safe and sound. Therefore, shouldn't we complain less and be more contented with life?

Anyway, may God bless them.

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