Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today has been a busy day for me. Went to work as usual in the morning. After work, went to Grandma's house for reunion lunch. After that, met Robin at Bedok then go to his house for reunion dinner. Went to the new Bedok Point to take a look at the new shopping mall but alas, most of the shops were closed. Perhaps next time bah.

Reunion dinner at Robin's house was okie. But I didn't help to prepare the food nor clean up afterwards. So paiseh.. Like not really sure what to do. Fell asleep in his room as I was really tired. Heng, nothing happened. I was wearing my contact lens! Am not supposed to sleep in them.

Took cab home at about 10pm. The cab driver asked if he could go to the washroom. Then he drove all the way to Eunos MRT to use the toilet. Ended up our cab fare is $20.60. He charged us $20. Wah.. Normally from Robin's house to my house only cost $16 plus. But Robin said nvm. Oh well. For CNY then nvm.

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