Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let me update a little about my CNY.


Ended work at 12:30pm. Ah yi came to fetch me before going to Ah ma's house for reunion lunch. Reunion lunch was okie. Catched up a little with my relatives and all.

After that, met Robin at Bedok. He was going to cook crabs for me but Sheng Siong has already closed and there were no more crabs at NTUC. Boo! Nvm. We had steamboat at Robin's house with his family.

Took a cab home afterwards. The cab driver was so weird. Asked us if he could go to the toilet coz he ren hen jiu liao. Like what the.. Anyway, we said okie and he wasted time to find the toilet. In the end, he only gave us $0.60 discount. The cab fare was $20. So exp!

CNY Day 1

First day of CNY. As usual, went to Ah ma's house to bai nian. My i-Phone just spoilt suddenly. Bummer! Everything else seemed like per normal like every other years.

CNY Day 2

Did nothing at all. Haha~ Just slack at home.

CNY Day 3

Went to Singtel HQ (at Somerset there) to repair my phone. There were many people at the service centre. Waited for about 1 hour plus =.= But heng, can repair on the spot and everything is okie. My phone got software corruption. Lost all my photos and stuff. Boo!

After that, ate dinner at the Imperial Treasure Express with Robin. First time tried the food there.. not bad. Next, we went to explore SCAPE. Haven't been there since it opened. Went to Show Luo's (Luo Zhi Xiang) apparel shop there. If I remembered correctly, it's called Stage.

CNY Day 4

Went Sentosa with Diana. We went to see the 4D Pirates show, took the Extreme Log Ride (just realised that I have taken that before) and tried the Desperados game. The photographer at the 4D Pirates show was rude to us.. and other tourists. Nvm about that, don't wanna say already.

By the way, there is this flower festival at Sentosa. Nice man. The theme is about rabbits/bunnies as this year is the year of rabbits/bunnies. Those who like to take photos can go there see see =)

At night, we went to watch The Green Hornet at Vivocity. My second time watching the movie. Not as nice as the first but overall, still okie lah. Home sweet home to be prepared for the next day work after a nice long weekend. Time flies!

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