Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you think that Singapore is a meritocracy country? I think in a way, we are. Anyway, was just pondering about our Prime Minister Lee's National Day Rally. More schools will be offered the IB programme, more opportunities for the less academically-inclined students. I think the Northlight School and Assumption Pathway School is good. Let the students learn some skills so that they can get on with life and can support themselves.

From 2012, 7 more schools will offer the IP programme so that students who don't do well in their PSLE will have another chance to join in the programme as long as they do well in Sec 1 and 2. That's good news for them. I really hope that we can be less focused on results. I really hope and want to work in Spring Singapore as I really adore entrepreneurship and it would be great working with the students to help them achieve their dreams. I have applied to work there twice after my graduation but I didn't even get to attend any interview. Perhaps it's due to my not so good results =(

I don't know why or if it is true. But I have always perceived that it is harder to get into the government sector. They base a lot on results. Hope that this will change in future as the government needs to give chance to people. Some people may not be good in studying but are good in working. Some people may be excellent in studying but suck at working. Next time if I am a boss, I will want to offer contract positions so that I will know if that employee is suitable to work for me before I convert her to perm. Hm..

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