Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hm.. I am really amazed by how little sleep I can survive on for this whole week. Maybe that's why I am on sleepy mood/mode for the whole week. Seriously suffering from sleep deficit.

Anyway, today (or rather yesterday), went out for lunch with my family then proceeded to one of my aunties house to take graduation photos. The usual questions regarding jobs, etc.. came in. Damn sianz and stressed.

In the evening, met Verlene and Co at Vivocity for dinner. Dinner was fun. Had a great time suaning people and being suaned. Yeah, so weird right? Being suaned also happy. But yeah, it's the company that counts =) And I get to be tactless and suaned people what. So it's cool xD After dinner, we went to Harry's Bar to chill out.

Jeff came and fetched me back and we had a mini quarrel in the cab. Then I tried to remain my cool. Even when I'm back home and on msn. Gosh~ It's so xin ku to bie those things which I wanna say in my heart lor. Ah~ Totally feel like bursting but I wanna try how is it like controlling my temper and be as polite and tactful as I can. But really lah, it's difficult. I feel that I am so not myself. I hate feeling so restricted, I just wanna speak my mind leh. Boo~

Then now I wonder.. Can people really accept you for who you are? Can they really accept your flaws? Yeah, I do have many flaws.. That I admit. Jeff said that he can accept them but now I am not so sure. Not saying that he lied or something but maybe he really believes that he can but in actual fact he can't. If he can accept all my flaws then he won't ask me to change right? I mean, if he asked me to change to be more tactful and to control my temper better.. That's like he can't accept my flaws of being tactless and temper right? If he truly can, he wouldn't have wanted me to change.

Okie, one more thing to wonder.. I wonder if there is anyone in this world who can totally accept all my flaws and love me for who I am? Maybe only my family?

PS: Jeffery's temper is worse than mine! But he doesn't show it in front of other people/friends. Only to me. Boo hoo~!

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