Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going to send my brother off at the airport later... He's going to Japan!! Wah.. I wanna be packed in his luggage xD

Many people said that they won't 重色轻友,but they do in actual fact. Don't these people realise that they have less friends? Or that their friends are slowing detaching/leaving them? Hm.. But I assume that they don't care. Their partners are the most important to them. That's fine, I can accept that but just don't turn to your friends when you need help or having some trouble in your relationship. Your friends aren't your spare tyres, I don't wanna be taken for a spare tyre. That's why I tried to balance between both of them coz I believe everyone should have a balanced relationship with their friends and partners. But apparently, I wasn't doing a very good job in it =(

PS: My dear son still isn't working properly leh. So laggy. Boo!
PPS: I don't like to impose my will on other people but I don't know why they like to force me to do things to suit them. Really sianz diao.

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