Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Actually, I don't really wanna keep blogging but.. I really wanna share this song which I like. And since I've started blogging a new post, I might as well pen down some random thoughts which I have =)

Random thoughts: 1. Esther is really growing up, I'm feeling/getting old. 2. There are many (okie, maybe not many but still..) hypocrites in this world (maybe I should expect it). 3. I am still tactful (a bit?) towards some people coz I am afraid of offending them, which I don't like. Friends should be frank with each other, but I suppose some people are really petty. They cannot take things (especially criticisms) too well. 4. Although I detest tests, exams and projects, I will miss being a student. I do not wish to work, I do not want to grow up. Haha~ Still so childish. I will do a reflection on myself as a student after my exams. 5. I really really wish that Diana can get attached soon coz I really really really wanna go on a double date with her. Then we can bitch about our boyfriends together. Haha~ She's one of my few friends who have the same thinking as me. 6. If people fly my aeroplane, I'm generally not mad at them but if I fly some people's aeroplane, they will be pissed about it. Why? Those are the people whom I'm getting afraid to go out with. But of course, I'll try not to fly anyone's aeroplane. 7. I find this phrase very good: "男儿有泪不清谈只是为到伤心处". I just like it. 8. I like people who can play the piano well. They are so charismatic, talented and charming =) 9. I think many people are easy to woo, is it that easy to fall in love? Do we even know the true meaning of love? And am I easy to chase? Haha~

PS: Wish me luck for tomorrow's paper =) Why does time pass by so fast?

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