Thursday, January 14, 2016

I don't know why I really like to read other people's Dayre. Even stranger's. Some are really interesting!  (Is that why my mobile data keep exceeding? =.=) Haha. Anyway, I was reading somebody's Dayre and saw someone's post on saving money and expenditure. She funded her travel expenses mainly using money from her part-time job. Hm.. Now I wonder, how come companies always put employees cannot work part-time somewhere else (something along this line)? If there is no conflict of interest and the employee can allocate his/her time well, then there is no issue what.. Right? After all, some people work and study at the same time and are coping well. Some people are also doing voluntary work.

Food for thoughts.. Or any boss wanna clarify this? Hee~

I think my blog can be my Dayre. I feel so lazy to update my Dayre account with long posts. It is so much easier and faster to type using a keyboard than on my phone. Ah yoh. Can they just allow people to update their Dayre on the computer too? Anyway, I am wondering if I should tell people about my blog (if they don't already know). Should I? 

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