Monday, June 23, 2014

Brighton Trip Part 9

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Last day in London before we head back to Brighton. Jerica and I went to Kensington Palace. For more information about Kensington Palace, here's the official website for you - The nearest tube station is High Street Kensington. It is around 15 minutes walk from High Street Kensington station to Kensington Palace.

As one of central London’s royal residences, Kensington Palace has been a home and refuge to the royal family since the 17th century. Now, it is the official residence to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – otherwise known as our familiar Kate and Wills. Built in 1605, it has roots in Jacobean architecture and was first known as Nottingham House. Now it is one of London’s most exquisite palaces and comes with acres of manicured gardens and the world famous Orangery. Taken from

Outfit of the day.

My new boots from New Look. 

Healthy breakfast!

People walking their dogs on a nice Sunday morning.

It is times like this I wish that I have kids. But.. Very scared of labour pain! How? =.=

The palace's entrance.

I wonder how did they get this ship carving into the bottle?

If I remember correctly, I think this is a bed.

Magnificent right? Actually, I don't know where this photo came from. Don't think that this is the Kensington Palace.

Open top bus.

Some photos I got from Jerica's camera:

Trying to do jump shots. Lolx~

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