Monday, May 12, 2014

Brighton Trip Part 3

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Ok, going on a business trip is not all fun. It is definitely different from going on a holiday. Have been busy working everyday and after work it was dark already. Actually, I ended work at 5pm everyday. Maybe because it was the winter period in Brighton and it got all dark and cold after work that we felt too lazy and tired to explore the nice town much. Oops~ On a high note, Jerica and I went to London over the weekend. More about that in the next post.

So anyway, I only have photos of food! Haha. Speaking of food, Singapore is really a food heaven. I love eating in Singapore. Have so many different variety of food.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Lunch with colleagues. 

I remember this. This is called rare-bits. It is nice and very filling. Yum~!!

See how dark it was after we finished work. This was like at 5pm?!?!?!

Nice fish and chips =)

Lunch in the office.

Finally, we had some Chinese food with rice. Forgot to take any photo of our rice and Chinese tea. Never mind lah.

Outfit of the day taken randomly. Can't remember which day it was.


oyhz said...

love the salt & vinegar fish & chips there :)

elderflowertea said...

@OY HZ: Oh, have you eaten there as well?

oyhz said...

in London, not the same restaurant :)