Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bangkok Trip Part 2

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Celebrated Robin's birthday as the clock stroke 12am. Happy Birthday!! There was no candle so just sang birthday song and ate the cakes. The cakes are not bad.

Birthday cakes =)

The next day, we decided to go to Siam Paragon.

My outfit of the day.

Robin told me to pose with our monkey. Haha.

Breakfast at McDonald's which is just below our hotel.

After breakfast, we walked to Ratchathewi BTS station to take the BTS to Siam Paragon. It is really far to walk from our hotel all the way to Siam Paragon. Better to take the BTS.

Nice photo. Haha.

It was crowded on the train. Just like on our train.

Saw this inside Siam Paragon. Wonder how do they get the Rolls-Royce cars in? Hm..

Since we were there pretty early, we wanted to catch a movie. Movie goers like us gotta watch movies even overseas. Lolx~ The movie theatre was pretty empty on that day.

Think there was an event. Hence, the crowd. But it was pretty empty inside the movie theatre.

You know what? I forgot what movie we have watched and this photo is unclear.

I need coffee!!

Birthday present for Robin. Haha~

Went for lunch at Piri-Piri Flaming Chicken after the movie. The food was not bad but spicy!!

Extremely spicy chili sauce.

I think that this is Thai tea? Can't remember!

Next up: Siam Ocean World

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