Monday, December 23, 2013

Review - Medz at Orchard Central

There are many restaurants and dining places in Orchard Central. That mall is pretty quiet so you can go there to check out food places. I prefer eating in not so crowded places. Went to Medz in Orchard Central basement with Onyee on one Sunday. The concept of that restaurant is similar to Marche but they offer mediterranean cuisine. On entering the restaurant, you are given individual billing cards, you pick and choose your dishes and pay when you check-out.

 When this thing rings and vibrates, your food is ready for collection!

 Just charge everything to your card and pay when you are leaving.

 There are many nice stalls.

 I love my rosti with sausage.

 Onyee ordered the seafood paella rice.

 Grilled salmon to share. Yummy!

 There are also many delicious-looking desserts. We were too full so we only ordered 2 dishes to try and share. This one is creme brûlée. A little too sweet for me.

Sorry, I forgot what this is called all of a sudden but it is really good! I like =)

I think that dinner cost us about $30 each. Not too bad. 


MollyMia said...

their seafood paella is not bad!

elderflowertea said...

@Mia: Yup yup.