Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hong Kong Trip Part 2

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Remember I said previously that we bought one day breakfast at the hotel to try out their breakfast? Well, here it is. I like the environment but the food there is so-so only. The wifi connection there is better than in our room though. Kept getting disconnected in our room.

Anyway, our itinerary for today is to Citygate and Lantau Island. The easiest way to go to Citygate ( is to take the MTR to Tung Chung station. From the Tung Chung station, you can also take a short walk to the bus interchange to take bus no. 23 to Lantau Island ( Alternatively, you can take the cable car there. 

 Food. Too bad it is all covered.

 The restaurant.

 This xiao long bao is too dry.

 Saw this huge dog on our way to the MTR station.

Really huge leh. I thought flats/houses are quite small in Hong Kong. How come they can keep such big dogs?

I love shopping in Citygate Outlets. There are many things to see and buy! However, we went to Lantau Island first and was too tired after that to really shop fully. Oh well. Shall go there again next time!


My favourite =)

If you are interested to know, we took bus No. 23 to Lantau Island as there was a very long queue for the cable car ride. Anyway, I don't really fancy taking the cable car as I am a little afraid of heights. By the way, you can pay for the bus ride using the octopus card so it is really a must-buy once you reach Hong Kong. You can also pay for things at some convenience stores using the octopus card.

In any case, after we reached Lantau Island, we just explored!!

Climbing up the stairs to the Big Buddha. It was a long climb.

Reached xD

The view is gorgeous.

After we have taken some photos and prayed, we walked down the stairs and went to the Po Lin Monastery ( nearby. I prayed for something/a wish. It hasn't come true yet. Still wishing and hoping that it will come true. Really. Please.

Giant joss sticks.

Robin was lighting (or burning?) the joss sticks.

Can see the Big Buddha from the Monastery.

I bought a windmill hoping that my luck will change and everything can go smoothly. This tells you how desperate I am for good luck.

There was a resting place. You can have some food and drinks there. It was a hot day. But nothing compared to the weather in Singapore. The weather in Singapore nowadays is extremely hot! I am feeling quite sick from the hot weather.

Ji dan zai. Nice.

Coke in a glass bottle.

Why did he look so buay song?

The Ngong Ping Village ( is located within walking distance from the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. It is quite a small place with some shops and restaurants. We bought one cool Hong Kong t-shirt each. Too bad I didn't take a photo of them.

We took the bus back and it was very crowded. There are 5 seats in a row!

Shopping in Citygate.

As we were famished and tired, we decided to have a quick lunch at the food court there before beginning our shopping.

Tomyam. My favourite.

Tried this top in Esprit. It does look nice right? A bit regret that I didn't buy this =.= 

By the way, this purple box looks like the cake box which Tim Sir bought for his wife, Charlie, in Forensic Heroes.

Discovered another nice drink there. It is sold in some supermarkets in Singapore.

As it was my birthday at 12 midnight. Got some cakes and counted down to my birthday. The cakes were pretty awful though. By the way, we got lost on our way back and we met this really nice Hong Kong guy who actually drew a map for us and explained in details how to go back to our hotel. Oh yes. Our dinner was McDonald's takeaway as we were really pooped. Too tired to go out for dinner again. The McDonald's is conveniently located opposite our hotel and it is opened 24 hours. 

Happy Birthday to Me =)


jia said...

hihi can i know if the weather in april is cold?

elderflowertea said...

@jia: Hi, I think it is around 25 degrees celsius.