Friday, November 16, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 1

Okie, I must seriously start blogging about my Munich trip with my company in September if not I will forget about it. As it is, I am almost forgetting the details of my trip! I will just look at my photos for reference if I forget. Or you all can look at my photos too coz.. A picture tells a thousand words right? Hee~ Anyway, I have no idea why when I uploaded the photos, it doesn't fall into place nicely accordingly. I have to manually move the photos and edit the photos size one by one. I'm such a noob in IT stuff =.=

Changi Airport Departure Hall. Off we go~

Camwhoring with Stephanie at the airport before departure. Changi Airport toilets look really nice! Too nice for a toilet. Lolx~

Very happy to be taking an SQ flight.

Good entertainment system to keep me occupied onboard for 
12 hours.

Their food menu looks so exquisite.


After sitting onboard for 12 hours plus, we have finally reached Germany. Yay!! Didn't have a good night sleep as I had a very bad cough then. 

Wow. Look at the "queue" of the immigration counters at the Munich airport. There was no proper queue. Everything is just so hectic. I miss Singapore's efficiency. 

Waiting for my luggage.

Finally managed to get on the coach. I love the weather over there. So cooling!!

Camhoring on the coach. Looked kinda shag =.=

Our tour guides. The Bavarian tour guide looks quite handsome. I managed to take a photo (later on) with him. Haha.

Don't know why I took this photo of the vending machine but.. 

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium. In case you are wondering about its name, the large financial services provider, Allianz, purchased the rights to name the stadium for 30 years. However, this name cannot be used when hosting FIFA and UEFA events, since these governing bodies have policies forbidding corporate sponsorship from companies that are not official tournament partners. During the 2006 World Cup, the stadium was referred to as FIFA World Cup Stadium Munich.

With Erika.

Do you know what is the meaning of Zugang?

After that, we went to the next destination which I did not catch the place's name and introduction as I fell asleep on the coach! I think it was a palace of a late king or something. Nonetheless, the place looks gorgeous.

See, nice or not?

 With Stephanie.

 I love this kind of weather where I can wear a light jacket outside.

 Pretty flowers =)

 I am in Germany. Yays!!

Ok, that's all for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 whereby we went to the central market - Marienplatz for lunch. Read - food.


robin said...

i like to visit Germany or maybe England with you in the future

nice intro of Germany

looking forward to part 2 =)

Diana said...

cool! munich must be nice in autumn. went there donkey yrs ago. everywhere was covered in snow.
btw, wanna see the pic with the hot tour guide

elderflowertea said...

@robin: Orh. You bring me there? Haha.

@Diana: I think I went there in autumn? Not sure. Okies, will blog about the other parts soon.

Robin said...

Sure dear

Shan said...

Nice girl. Blog more about your Germany trip :)

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yay~!!

@Shan: Thanks!

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Tom said...

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Happy Travels Everyone!