Friday, March 9, 2012

Make It Right For A Better Ride

Has anyone heard of the slogan - "Make It Right For A Better Ride" ? If you are a regular commuter on our Singapore public transport, I'm sure that you will have seen at least one of these posters (click here: Anyway, if you haven't noticed the posters, just click on the link and check it out =)

Among all those posters, my favourite one is the one below.

This poster speaks what I hope will happen. I hope that everyone can wait patiently behind the yellow line when taking the MRT/LRT and DO NOT rush in when the doors just open. Please let the people inside come out first before going in. Makes sense right? Then you will have more space. Of course, let's all also do our part to be more considerate by moving to the centre of the train so that it is easy for other commuters to come in. Lastly, do offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you. Who knows, next time maybe you or your family/friends also need a seat more and someone nice will offer you/them a seat.

I really really hope that every commuter can practise the above as I am so sick and tired of people squeezing and dashing in when I haven't even come out yet. Today, I waited patiently at the side for commuters to come out first before going in. Later on, there was this group of people who blatantly just stood in the middle of the door. When the commuters were coming out, they just pushed their way in! I have seen many ungracious people doing this. Just pushed their way in to grab seats. Really OMG!! I was there first (as I have just missed a train) but I ended up with no seat because those people pushed their way in and grabbed the empty seats.

To be on a positive side, I have seen some very nice commuters also. Giving way, being considerate and offering seats to those in need. Really thumbs-up for them. Let's all be like them. Let's all make commuting an enjoyable thing to do. Make it right for a better ride!

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