Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cheap stuff are never good stuff. Is that true? Well, I bought the wet wipes (photo below) from Beauty Spring (think that's the spelling of the shop) at West Mall. And it sucks!! Seriously. The wipes are too thin and flimsy. Can't really clean anything at all.

Anyway, I only paid $1 for it so I shall just forget it. In case anyone wants to buy this, don't.

Lousy =(

I still like the Guardian wet wipes =). Bought a lot!!

Still my favourite wet wipes. I STRONGLY recommend this.

PS: I have tons of things to blog about because Robin has just helped me to upload my photos!! But I'm running late now so.. blog more later. Ciao~!!


Robin said...

I also use guardian wet wipes too

Unknown said...

Hi hi!!
Thanks!! I made use of all the application provided in blogger~ Explore and you can make it even nicer then mine! Good Luck~ heehee

elderflowertea said...

@Miyo Han: Did you make your own template? Used to have a different template until I've changed to the new blogger interface. Then my template is gone!

Unknown said...

Hi!! Nope~ I didn't use my own template. I uses everything provided in Blogger and edited from there :) The new interface is much user friendly then the previous ones I feel. :D

elderflowertea said...

@Miyo Han: Thanks! Will try =)