Thursday, June 16, 2011

Job application

I know and understand how hard it is to find the ideal/dream job or even simply just a job. Well, something could be wrong with their resume and/or interview. Now, how to perfect your resume or interview skills? Don't ask me coz my interview skills suck =.= So why am I writing this? Because sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with your resume and/or interview skills! Last time my boss actually didn't choose some people coz they were over-qualified for the job! They did too well for the interview. Sometimes, I think it's just plain luck. If your interviewer like you, you will definitely be selected =)

Anyway, I wish that I can help these people find jobs.. Seriously. I saw some people asking in fp that they want referrals to work in banks. But too bad, it's not within my means. If I can help, I will. 

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