Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KL Trip with colleagues

Okie.. I am ready to blog about my KL trip.

7/1/11 Fri

Set off for KL with Cindy first. Anna, Tierra and her son, Raniel will be joining us the next day. We were stuck in the traffic jam and only reached our hotel at nearly 3pm (we set off from Golden Mile Tower at 8am).

We stayed at the Federal Hotel.

Our hotel

Our room

The hotel is ok only. But the location is great! Very near to the shopping area. Haha~ But I don't think that I will want to stay in this hotel the next time. Want to try other hotels.

Cindy and I had our lunch at Secret Recipe before proceeding to shop at Fahrenheit. Bought 1 dress and 1 top from the shop, Mirrorcle. The clothes are not bad and the price is reasonable. Cindy bought much more clothes. Then we went to do our hair at this salon called A1 (something like that, can't really remember the salon name now).

My new hairstyle.. How is it? Looks weird?

Cindy's new hairstyle. Suitable for her? I think she looks younger with this hairstyle.

After the haircut, we hurried to Pavilion before it closed. The Pavilion is fully of Chinese New Year decorations. It got us to be in the CNY mood.

See the CNY decorations outside? 

The decorations inside

I wanted to go to the big Juicy Couture store but the shops were already closed by the time we have finished taking photos. Boo!! Went to change a new screen protector for my handphone before meeting Cindy's friend, Joe, back at the hotel for our dinner cum supper. Joe drove us somewhere nice for supper! The Indian food was nice but very very spicy... Next, he just drove us for a tour around KL before dropping us back at the hotel. Feeling tired, Cindy and I went for a foot reflexology near our hotel. Pain but quite shiok. Haha~ We finally called it a day at around 3am. Wanted to sleep but our air-con got some problem so we had to call the technician up. We managed to sleep at around 3:30am plus.

8/1/11 Sat

Cindy set the alarm to wake up at 7am but both of us didn't hear it. Cindy woke me up at 8am. Wah.. Very tired but we had a full day ahead of us. We had breakfast at the hotel before taking a cab to Mid Valley Mall to shop. We reached Mid Valley Mall before 10am.. The shops were not opened yet. By the way, the taxi driver tried to cheat us. It cost RM20 (the taxi driver didn't want to turn on the meter and Cindy said that RM20 is reasonable =.=) to go from our hotel to Mid Valley Mall but only half the price to get back when using the meter.

Mid Valley Mall

The things in Mid Valley Mall are not really cheap. They have shops like Topman/Topshop, Espirit, Guess, etc.. Those "branded" shops and the prices are quite similar to Singapore's. I bought a bag for Mummy, a bracelet for Cindy, a pair of earrings for Deine and a manicure set for Diana's birthday. Wah.. Am extremely broke lah.

Next, we took a cab to Times Square (near our hotel) and continue shopping. Times Square is like Singapore's Bugis Village. The things there are cheaper, cannot try on many clothes in the shops and I have purchased some tops which don't look that nice on me (make me look FAT lor after I came home and tried them). Cindy and I bought a pair of boots there for CNY. I love my boots! Haha~ Have been wanting to get a pair of boots after Mummy thrown mine away. Hope that I will get to wear it often in Singapore.

We rushed back to the hotel at around 2:30pm to meet Anna, Tierra and her son, Raniel. Helped them to check in and took a rest at the hotel. After they have settled down, we went to the KL Menara (tower) to have our Hi-Tea buffet at the revolving restaurant, Seri Angkasa.

The view from the restaurant


More food

The dessert area. Nice!

The atmosphere there was good (there's someone playing the piano) but the food there was okie only. The food was quite cold, not really nice anymore. The dessert was quite good, liked the cakes =) Actually, there are still more photos of the food but I'm lazy to put everything on my blog. Think that this entry is already long enough.

After eating, we went down to the observation deck. Went there a few years ago with Bao Chuan, Huixin, Yimei and her cousin. Nothing much.

After that, we took a taxi to Petaling Street as Anna wanted to shop there. There were many imitation products on sale at Petaling Street. I bought a t-shirt (which I gave to Cindy) and a polo-tee for Robin there. Alamak, that Ms Tierra didn't bring any bag and put her handphone, wallet, tissues in my bag. Made my bag heavy only lor =.=

Petaling Street

As Raniel was tired after walking, Cindy carried him. Haha~ but not for long lah. Then we headed back to the hotel already. Cindy and I treated everyone to dinner at PapaRich (don't know why I agree.. must be crazy!). The meal cost RM120 and I paid RM60.

After our late dinner, Anna, Tierra and Raniel went back to the hotel to rest as Raniel fell asleep halfway throughout dinner. Joe drove Cindy and I to Hard Rock Cafe to buy a t-shirt for Robin (we got lost lor).

Finally reached Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Shop 

There's a pub there. Full of expatriates/foreigners. 

This t-shirt cost me RM90 =.=

Went back to the hotel after Hard Rock Cafe. Totally tired out.

9/1/11 Sun

Cindy and I went to Times Square with Tierra after breakfast. Anna stayed behind with Raniel as her leg wasn't feeling so good.

Times Square - It's like Bugis Village but with air-con.

Tierra bought quite a lot of things from Times Square. 1 of the dress I bought from Times Square doesn't look good on me. Another top was rather tight. Boo! I guess that's the disadvantage of not being able to try on the clothes (just like in Bugis Village). Tierra can wear hers, it's not bad. Oh well~ She's skinnier than me lor =.=

After Times Square, we went back to the hotel to meet Anna and Raniel to catch the coach back to Singapore. I love the return coach. Got a mini-TV, like on the aeroplane!

I fell asleep while watching the movie - 2012. Didn't manage to finish the movie. Was really too tired.

In the end, I have spent about SGD600 (including hotel and coach) for the whole trip. Damn expensive lah. So I have to really SAVE money now. I still wanna get my Mac and many more things!!

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