Saturday, October 30, 2010

Genting Travel Trip

Greetings! Wonder if I should blog about my Genting trip since it has been some time ago. Anyway, went for a short trip with my Mum to Genting from 11th-13th October. Haven't been there since I was a kid. The place looks very different now and not as cold as I remembered. So anyone who wants to go to Genting, just remember to bring along a sweater.

By the way, we stayed in First World hotel. Not so bad except that there's a long queue just to check-in. It is also in the Guinese book of records for having the most number of rooms in a hotel. (Fyi, it has 6118 rooms.)

Photo of Genting. Looks beautiful.

Nice model of Genting Highland.

On the first day, went to watch Detective Dee (in Cantonese. OMG!) with Mummy.

This is how the cinema theatre looks like. Not bad.

There's a Singapore in Genting. Haha~ Do check out the cultural village there. Quite interesting but things are expensive.

Went in to the Casino at night. Won RM50 for the first day but lost RM120 on the second day. Dots~ We just played jackpot as we don't know how to gamble other things. One thing which I don't like about the casino, I smelt of cigarette smoke. The smell is very strong.

On day 2, we went to visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple. The people there are nice. Wrote my wishes there (Don't ask me what it is. Secret okie?) and I saw people 放鞭炮。 It's a cool sight. Did not try though. Maybe next time I can try.

I have decided to post a photo of myself here. Just for fun. Hee~

Nice ride.

自拍 in the ride.

Nice photo.

Miss my childhood.

Boat ride. 

This boat will pass through the Lover Bridge. But as my Mum took an unclear photo of me at the Lover Bridge, I will kop someone's photo and put here.

Nice leh. 宝哥哥 will bring me here?

Nothing much on day 3 as we just had breakfast, packed and caught the bus. Then home sweet home. By the way, Jasmin told me that there are some farms to go to but we did not go as we were not aware of it. Those interested can visit here:

By the way, the coach which I took is nice with big seats. From WTS.


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