Sunday, August 22, 2010

Batam Trip

Time to finally blog about my Batam trip.. Have finally uploaded all the photos. Heehee~ Kindly refer to the photos on my blog as I can't upload the photos here.. Don't know why?? Boo~!!

Day 1

We missed our ferry as Desmond was late so we had to catch the next ferry. Reached Batam at about 6plus to 7pm.Was famished. Checked into the Hotel - Novotel. Love the hotel, lolx~ Am not sure what Robin did but he sort of spoilt a side table. Think the side table wasn't stable in the first place, anyway, it was dangerous lor. Could have crushed a small kid or something. Feedback this to the hotel staff, and they fixed it for us. Very nice of them =)

After that, we went for dinner at Nagoya Hills area. Ate a total of $249,150 rupiah. Wow~ Have never eaten so much all my life. We can all be millionaires in Batam!! Went to sing KTV after that. It's quite cool, they do have rather new Chinese songs there. Played some card games back at the hotel before calling it a day.

Day 2

Wanted to play water sports the next day. Didn't have a good start to the day as we have spent a long time (can't remember how long but definitely more than 1 hour) waiting for Desmond's uncle as he was going to bring us to the water sports area. Sianz lor~ I hate waiting for people!

The water sports place is near to Harris (which is the resort where I wanted to stay in at first). Haha~ So I took the opportunity to take a look at the place. It definitely looks better on the Internet than in real life. The interior is still nice but the exterior.. Hm.. Can be improved =) The staff are rather nice and polite though =) Took the opportunity to take some pictures around the resort. The swimming pool area is nice. Hee~

Robin and Desmond went for some water sports at the Monkey Hut. That place charges in SGD. So strange. And the water sports activities are so expensive! SGD60 each for 3 sports (I think, can't remember the details too clearly now =.=).

After leaving the Monkey Hut, we went for some massage. Robin and I chose to just go for the foot reflexology while Desmond and Jasmin went for the body massage. I tell you ah.. The foot reflexology was damn painful!! Alamak~! The person is trying to kill me lor. Don't know why so painful. It was less painful the last time I did it in China. Hm.. Anyway, quite hard to communicate with the masseur as he doesn't understand English and I don't speak Malay/Indonesian. Wanted to ask him to be softer also can't communicate properly. Ouch ouch~!!

Some mis-communication with Desmond's uncle (=.=) later, we finally had our dinner at nearly 9pm. Boy, were so hungry! Luckily, the food was great. Had seafood - Chili crab, black pepper crab, la la, gong gong, veggie, sotong, etc.. (think that's about all. Can't really recall all now.) Robin is really pro at eating gong gong lor. Can't practically polish off the whole plate of 1kg of gong gong. Alamak~!! Peifu, peifu.. Speechless ah~

Head back to the hotel afterward. Planned to take a rest first before going to The Pacific hotel just opposite our hotel for the Ah Gua show at the Club there (heard from Desmond, there got. Wanted to see see look look. Was curious..) However, I felt too tired and somehow, I fell asleep while waiting for the time for the Ah Gua show (boo hoo~). In the end, Desmond and Jasmin also didn't go. Heard they went for supper. Hee~

Day 3

Our last day in Batam before Home Sweet Home. Desmond and Jasmin went for a spa in our hotel while Robin and I chose to do the facial. Have been wanting to go for a facial since in Singapore. Am still currently looking for a good and reliable facial place in Singapore. Very scared of those who keep pushing sales. So irritating. Luckily, those overseas are not like that. They are not that aggressive in pushing sales. I think that if you give your customers a good time/impression, they will automatically want to come back for more sessions, etc. Why is there a need to be so aggressive and spoil the customer relationship? Haiz~ Many beauty/slimming/facial places in Singapore seem to have a bad reputation for pushy sales tactics. Tsk tsk..

After the spa/facial, we decided to take the opportunity to do some shopping. Yay! My favourite activity. Haha~ Didn't really buy anything much as the stuff there was like Singapore's price. Not really very cheap. I admit that I suck at bargaining but.. it's really hard to bargain with the people there. Guess they are too used to tourists there so will sell to us at a more expensive price bah.. Anyway, I bought a polo tee for Robin and got myself an O.P.I nail polish. Haha~ Heard a lot about the O.P.I nail polish and wanted to try it (not cheap also lor). Oh yeah, we also had A&W. A must have there. Lolx~

Somehow, we missed the ferry back so we had to take the next one. Boo! Oh well, never mind. Was pretty tired by the time I reached Singapore. Wanted to take a cab back but NO CAB!! Damn it lor. Tried to call for a cab but to no avail. WTH lah~!! Tried so many times. There were so many people at the taxi stand at Harbourfront Centre also. In the end, we took the MRT to Outram Park before taking a cab back from there. Alamak~ I had to call my Mum for help. Don't know why also. Just felt so helpless then, need to qiu jiu. All those stupid cab drivers. Why don't they wanna go to the Harbourfront area? Maybe all go to the resort world at Sentosa so that they can earn the extra $3. So unfair!

PS: Wish that I can show some photos here but.. sorry, really don't know why blogspot/internet connection/web browser is/are getting siao siao sometimes nowadays =.= Oops~

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