Saturday, May 8, 2010

Haven't been updating for quite some time. Wonder if I still have any reader left. Boo~

Besides busy working, I have been reading "This is My Story" by Kasandra Kong. It is based on the true life account of a 18 year old Singapore Girl. Her encounter is quite sad and heart-wrenching. Sympathized with her but luckily, she's strong enough to get out of the bottomless pit with the help of her Grand-Mentor and Mentor. In life, we really need 贵人。 I wonder where is mine? Haha~ Or is he/she just nearby? Hope to see him/her appearing in my life =)

PS: Have a safe trip Verlene. Wish that you can pack me in your suitcase so that I can go on a trip too. Sammie boy is also going on a trip with his family. Boo-hoo~ I also wanna go somewhere!

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