Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is so boring and sianz. Nothing much to do around town area. At least it seemed like that to us lately. So anyway, wanted to watch a movie with Verlene and Sammie boy yesterday but nothing seems really interesting. Oh boy~ Can't wait for those nice, funny, entertaining movies to be out. And one of them that I feel like watching is When in ROME. Haha~ it looks like something worth watching to pass time and kill the boredom spell. 

Looking at the movie trailer and reading the movie synopsis, I think the one for Beth (Kristen Bell) is Josh Duhamel. Haha~ Now, you might ask why? First of all, they look good together. Compatible =). Secondly, he seems like he will treasure Beth and treat her very well. Lastly, when love comes, it's hard to explain if the guy is the one for you or if it's the real thing. You just need to go with your feelings. Love needs no explanation yeah?

For me, I wish that my partner is someone whose personality suits me (can click and communicate well), is faithful to me and is someone true to me (will love and treasure me always). That's the most important things I ask for. The others are all secondary. Haha =)

Anyway, this movie is one which is suitable to watch with your love ones and friends. Families too! So “Catch When In Rome Movie starting from 25th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!” Now, right now xD

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