Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hi everyone =) I'm here to blog again. Paiseh~ Have been neglecting my blog a bit. Haha~ Am so tired after working for 5 consecutive days! Anyway, several things to mention:

1. One rainy day as I was going to work, I saw a lady far in front of me slipped and fell down. She was middle-aged. I wanted to go over and help her but a secondary school boy was already helping her. As I walked over, I heard the boy asking if the lady needed an ambulance. I vaguely heard her say no and to ask him to help her to call her family. By this time, there were more people crowding around. Anyway, since she got assistance liao, I just went off if not I might be late for work. Punctuality is very important at my workplace. After the incident, I reflected and thought that the boy also might be late for school and might receive a scolding or something but he still stopped by to help someone in need. This kind of person is very commendable. Too bad I didn't notice which school uniform was he wearing. If not, I might just write in to compliment him.

Often, people are more willing to complain than to compliment. Everyone needs some motivation to work harder so let's try to compliment more and complain less. Haha~

2. My team leader is going to be on leave until next year. Boo hoo~!!

3. My team leader told me that I would be confirmed by the end of this month. So fast, 4 months have passed...

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