Thursday, November 5, 2009

I regretted not studying/mugging hard enough for my last semester. Anyway, now I am here to advise people to focus on their studies as it is the exam period already. So fast.. Just put your troubles, etc.. aside and concentrate on what's more important now. Try to put your relationship aside too as some people are just out to ruin you and they are totally not worth it. Securing good results seem like a better option coz that will follow you through your life, not your bf/gf (most probably). Good luck to everyone =)

PS: I saw Carmen's post about infatuation and mature love which I want to copy and paste here but somehow I can't. Oh well. Lazy to type all. Haha~ Just the last part.. "the person can only think of the other person" --> I suppose true love is when the person actually think for you and not simply think of you. I think this is difficult which is why true love is hard to find. And also "each is jealous of the others separate activities" --> Hm.. when you love a person, wouldn't you want him/her to be happy and enjoy himself/herself instead of wanting to hinder his/her enjoyment by being sour that you are not being included when he/she is having fun.

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