Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review - nana's green tea

Met up with Diana to exchange our Christmas presents at nana's green tea at Plaza Singapura. We had our lunch there. Extracting from their website, nana's green tea delivers green tea, maccha green tea and other fine Japanese food culture and traditions as the ''new Japanese style'' that suits the lifestyle of modern people. From the name of the restaurant, I reckon that they specialize in green tea but too bad, I didn't try their green tea when I was there. Next time lah.

My Christmas present from Diana.

After lunch, we went to The Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Art Science Meseum. Free entry.

Review - Siam Kitchen

I love Thai food. I absolutely love Thai food. Especially tom yam. That is my all time favourite. Tried out Siam Kitchen with Robin in Lot One one day. Not bad! Can go.

Review - The Ritz-Carlton Greenhouse

Had our company's Christmas dinner last year at The Ritz-Carlton Greenhouse. Was looking at my photos last night and found some photos regarding the company Christmas dinner. For more information, please check out their website - http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Singapore/Dining/Greenhouse/Default.htm. Am not going to post all the photos as I don't want to expose all my colleagues here.

By the way, they do have quite a wide variety of food. Just that I was sitting near my boss so didn't want to keep taking photos of all my food. Haha.

Selfie before the dinner. Haha =)

Nice Christmas tree.

They have long tables there so it is suitable for big groups of people. But it's difficult to interact in long tables. Prefer round tables.

I love the black pepper crabs there. Yummy!

Overall, I think that the food and service there are not bad. Can consider going there for special occasions. Do take note that the dress code there is smart casual. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review - Todai

Robin and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary at Todai at Marina Bay Sands. It is an international cuisine, seafood and sushi buffet restaurant. If you are interested to know more, please check out their website - http://www.todai.com.sg.

Haha. A bit like going for wedding dinner.

FOOD!! There is still more food which I didn't go around taking photos of. Was too hungry and eager to eat then. Haha~ Oops. 

I love the crabs and salmon sashimi. Very fresh.

Must try the macaroons there ok? I love it! Really.

Cost of our dinner.

My anniversary presents. Didn't buy anything for Robin so the dinner in Todai was on me. Sometimes, it is really difficult to think of presents to buy, especially for guys. Don't you think so?