Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review - Bao Today (包今天)

Robin and I tried Bao Today (包今天) at 313 Somerset one weekend. The food there is really not to my liking. The price is pretty ok. The service is so so. I will comment more about the food later.

This plate of Hong Kong noodles was too salty.

The carrot was ok.

How do I look?

Saw this can of coke at Cold Storage. Pretty interesting.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sometimes I really dread to see my phone messages. Don't like to receive messages from people/friends asking me to help them do this and that.

Oops~ Am I selfish or what? But.. Why can't they do those things themselves? Why do they want to inconvenient other people? If I can do things myself, I will do it and not ask other people for help. If they really need my help and I can help, I will.

By the way, I heard something cool from one of my Aunties. Someone wanted to borrow my Auntie's Popular card but my Auntie didn't lend it to the person. Her reasoning: I paid for the Popular card, why should I lend it to someone who didn't pay for it?

Taipei Trip Part 7

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Saw some unique and expensive things sold at Taipei 101.

We had dinner at Ding Tai Fung at Taipei 101. There was a queue. I think that Ding Tai Fung's boss is really rich. There is always a queue when I want to go there. Even at the Singapore outlets. We ordered more food but I was too famished. Didn't take a photo of all our food.

After dinner, Esther and I sent Mummy and Ah Ma back to Zhongshan Junior High School Metro Station as Ah Ma was not feeling too well. Then Esther and I went to ATT 4 Fun to shop! We wanted to go to Shilin Night Market afterwards but we spent too much time at ATT 4 Fun and it was too late. We were also feeling tired.

Anyway, I bought a top and jeans. Wanted to buy a pair of shoes from Vilma but I can't find the shop there anymore :( Esther bought 2 denim jackets.

The next day, we needed to go back to Singapore. We arranged for the cab driver to pick us up at our hotel and drive us to the airport. The cost is TWD900 but we paid him TWD1,000. Gave him tips as his service is quite good.

We had lunch at 非常泰 (Very Thai). I love it! Brought Ah Ma there as she didn't go there before.

Thai Coffee.

Bought this for my boyfriend :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I'm still trying to plan my holiday/vacation trip but still having a hard time planning. I am really bad at planning things. Oh boy :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Taipei Trip Part 6

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Day 4. We went to 貓空纜車 (Maokong Gondola). Do check their website ( for the operating hours. The last time when I went to the Taipei Zoo, the Maokong Gondola was not operating.

We took the Metro and alighted at the Taipei Zoo Station. You can walk to the Maokong Gondola from Taipei Zoo Station. It's just about a 10 minutes walk.

My cool grandma :)

I was wearing my new shoes and carrying the new bag which my Grandma bought.

Bought our tickets. By the way, you can use your EasyCard to pay.

There are 2 types of Gondola cabins - the normal one and the crystal one. For the crystal one, the bottom of the cabin was replaced with tri-layer reinforced glass. You can see through the bottom. We took the normal one as there was a longer queue for the crystal one and it is less scary.

Off we go!

Nice view :)

Reached the top!

We had our lunch here. There was nothing much at the top. Just a few stalls. Or maybe we didn't explore the area properly.

After the Maokong Gondola, we went to Taipei 101. It's photo time!!

Taipei 101 at night.